Curiosities, Synchronicities & Possibilities ~ Igniting your creative spark

Curiosities, Synchronicities & Possibilities

Igniting your creative spark: For passion projects, career paths, and in life.

How often do you really stop and listen to the call within – to ask for guidance in what you need to know – to find out what is emerging?



“The old ways of doing things are no longer working. We are now seeing the emergence of the deeper story. We are seeking our mythic lives.”

The Wizard of Us JEAN HOUSTON

Curiosity is the driving force of humankind, through all aspects of personal and professional inner workings.

In this workshop, you will learn to open up to possibilities and connect into something larger than yourself. Curiosity and possibilities are always about the element of the unknown. We are going to dive deep into the unknown and learn to listen within for the signs that lead you in a creative directions, the symbols that reveal the meaning, and the possibilities that connect you to ideas and greater than you could have imagined before.

“Looking outside ourselves, we confront limited possibilities; looking inside, the possibilities expand as far as the mind can see.”

The Wizard of Us JEAN HOUSTON

Opening to cues and being in flow, you will learn how to tap into that profoundly unique experience of what you are feeling; discovering the beats and pulses calling you where you need to go. You will see the possibilities that arise from attending to what you really love, find your next steps, and leave with expanded sense of creative directions.

You will learn:

  • to be Truly Present
  • to sit in the energy of possibility of what is being called forth
  • to embrace the Unknown as a Doorway into Creativity .
  • to detect the Sign, Symbols and Synchronicities in your life and what you are creating/emerging

This interactive/multisensory journey, with Q and A and discussions, will help you hear what is calling from within and wants to be brought forth into the world.

Bio: Carolyn Wagner is the creative force behind some of the most inspiring, elegant, and emotionally connected brands in advertising. Deeply committed to uncovering the true, authentic nature of a company or creative project, Carolyn’s particular brilliance lies in elevating with elegance and inspiring with integrity. Her approach and commitment to helping people shine comes from digging deep to find the honest heart of their passions and projects. By working from this intuitive, almost existential core, Carolyn creates a unique and noteworthy identity that sets her clients apart and helps them make a positive difference in the world.