A master motivator in opening up creativity and possibilities: Visionary, Creative, Consultant, Mentor, Mindful Leader, and Author

Discover the inner workings of how to harness curiosity: A driving force of the creative process. Curiosity is the main motivation of humankind that materializes in both personal and professional development.

In these workshops, I invite you to be open to the signs that lead you in creative directions, the symbols that reveal deeper meaning and to learn to connect synchronicities and ideas in ways greater than you could have imagined before. The creative process revolves around innovation, imagination, and fluidity. It’s time to re-discover your creative lens that will allow you to seek out inner strength and curiosity to transform daily life into something more meaningful. Learn to forecast imaginatively and strategically in order to bring about greater possibilities.

From entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, students to creatives, there is great importance in being open to creative channels and discovering the universal beats and pulses of where you need to go. Learn to not seek the familiar but to seek the discomfort (in the unknown.)



Private consulting/coaching with Carolyn provides an intimate setting to customize the best possible outcome to your unique quest. I’ll meet you wherever you are and address what your most immediate needs seem to be. Whether you’re starting a new project, in the middle of launching a company, app or book, or just stuck in the unknown. We will discover new opportunities and possibilities together. I’ll be able to offer you a fresh perspective on any blocks you may have and delve into ways to expand your offerings. It is my goal for you to come away from this experience feeling energized and confident about the next steps in place moving forward.

Group consulting:

Group consulting/coaching sessions with Carolyn provides an ideal package for teams to customize their experiences and outcomes. Whether you are a company with a few team members or a group of students, I am happy to facilitate a workshop within small groups including a Q and A problem solving session to provide guidance regarding how to meet your project needs and to expand your curiosity and creativity.

As a CCO of various companies and a past mentor and faculty member at University of Colorado’s Boulder Digital Works for entrepreneurship and start-ups. She enjoys bringing heart-centered, conscious awareness and added value to you, your creative/strategic projects, and in helping you discover the “what else” in life’s creative passages.

Carolyn Wagner is the creative force behind some of the most inspiring, elegant, and emotionally connected brands and companies. Her talent has taken her across the globe to work with agencies and direct clients in NYC, Helsinki, Munich, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver.