Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities ~ Essentials of the Creative Process

Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities ~ Essentials of the Creative Process

Creativity is largely about relationships. “People who hope to thrive in the conceptual Age must understand the connections between diverse, and seemingly separate, disciplines. They must know how to link apparently unconnected elements to create something new.”



The inner workings of how to harness curiosity: A driving force of the creative process.

As you create ideas, concepts, and programs for your clients, curiosity has to drive everything you do. When you are open to curiosity, ideas can begin the moment you wake up, leave your house, or in the car. It’s almost like the benefits of a beginners mind. Every time you work on a new company, account, or creative project you come to it with a fresh view, as if from the outside looking in.

From entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, the great importance of being open to creative channels and discovering the universal beats and pulses of where you need to go cannot be overstated. Learn

to not seek the familiar; and stay open to the signs that lead you in creative directions and the symbols that reveal the meaning and power of the signs you find. Learn to connect synchronicities and ideas in ways greater than you could have imagined before. The creative process is about how to be innovative, imaginative and fluid enough to forecast creatively and strategically.

In this workshop I will share various examples of the creative process, and methodologies that will greatly expand how you think about what you are creating with your companies’ products and brands.

There we will also be a Q and A with group discussions.

You will learn:

  • what signs, symbols and synchronicities are and how to find them
  • how to get more insight into curiosity and bring that back into your creative proc.ess
  • how design impacts the human experience
  • how having conscious awareness of what we are tapping into and how that can aide us to building a better place for all
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  Albert Einstein

Bio: Carolyn Wagner is the creative force behind some of the most inspiring, elegant, and emotionally connected brands in advertising. Over the past 25+ years, her talent has taken her across the globe to work with agencies in NYC, Helsinki, Munich, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver. Clients such as: Starbucks, Sony, Mercedes, Platinum Jewelry, IQNavigator, Qwest, Got2B & more.