How I work

My Mission:

To dig deep and truly find the core essence of companies, brands and products.

I specialize in finding out who you are and what you want to become. I then work to create a unique presence for you in the marketplace. I use talent across the board, from creative strategists and copywriters, to poets, psychologists, shamans and of course internationally known designers. I believe that evaluating your project from a place of authenticity and seeing the big picture is key to garnering success. I do this with passion, integrity, and intuition through a symphony of specialized tools and. In this way, I am the “elixir” for the future of your company.


Agent of Change.

My work is always ahead of time to position you for leadership in the marketplace.

Creativity is: “Largely about relationships. People who hope to thrive in the conceptual Age must understand the connections between diverse, and seemingly separate, disciplines. They must know how to link apparently unconnected elements to create something new.” 

What I do:

Carolyn Wagner, Inc. strategically revitalizes, expands and launches companies and their products across all creative mediums and platforms. I am nimble, 
which means any sized business, agency or marketing group can tap into my creativity, innovation, and vision in developing new ways for your efforts to succeed.


Mercedes – Benz, Suzuki GMBH, International Truck

Food & Beverage:
Starbucks, Terry’s Toffee, Mirrasou, Organic Valley

Marshall Fields, Platinum Jewelry, Paige, Got2B, FjallRaven, Bi Strumpfe, QuickSilver, Timberland, Avon, Silpada, Covergirl

Sony, Samsung, Qwest, Century Link, Level 3, IQNavigator, Jobappplus, Point Across, Privoro

Publishing, author Judith Joy’s website and book launch for “Surviving Your Teenager” Judith Joy author, Surviving your teenager, Petroflow Energy, Bell Geo, Puebloplex, Fairpoint Capital

For Small Business Owners:

I specialize in discovering and articulating through words and images your authentic brand or company ‘self.’ From here, launching or revitalizing you or your company becomes an exploration of brand strategy, design, websites and various channels to market you via traditional or social media. My intention is to discover new ways to communicate you out into the world and elevate you and your company’s presence in the marketplace.

I have launched a couple of tech companies, an author, a healer, a realtor, a toffee company. I like to bring my 30 years of expertise to all projects in every way.

  • I work with small business owners on an hourly or by project basis.
  • I review your current materials, evaluate what you have, and create new ways of working, developing websites, materials, and marketing channels.
  • I work with you 1-on-1 to address your most immediate and long term goals.
  • I direct, lead, and inspire your in-house teams to create dynamic work.
  • I can create websites from scratch or from pre-existing web templates.
  • I can bring in my teams to create the work if needed.

For Medium size companies:

Working with mid-size companies resides within the sweet spot of what I do. I help to take companies that are about 2-10 years old and strategically realign them with their core foundations, and rebuild their brand essence, messaging and platform. My process must always begin by getting deep inside your company mindset in order to distill not just core competencies, but real potential to expand audience and market share. Working with you and your team, leads us to a product and company vision, a unified messaging platform, and a communications strategy that captivates the marketplace imagination and inspires purchasing.

One main intention is being proactive to work and empower both the marketing and sales department. This work includes strategy, branding, high level concept work. Plus, we will recreate marketing materials and interactive to create deliverables that compel customers to act.

Some clients in this sector include, IQNavigator a global SaaS company, jobapplus, Petroflow Energy, Level 3, Puebloplex, Avon, Compuware, Fastmore Logistics, and more.

  • I consult, direct and lead your in house teams in creating the work.
  • I bring in only the people we need.
  • I work in a phased approach prioritized to tackle immediate and long term needs.
  • Regardless of the medium, our specialty lies in understanding your company and its goals so as to make it irresistible to the world.
  • My ability to leverage interactive products to achieve marketing goals gives us (and our clients) a huge advantage in true integrated solutions.
  • I draw on our cross-platform experience in building brands for some of the world’s most prestigious companies nationally and internationally.

For Agencies:

Carolyn Wagner, Inc. strategically revitalizes, expands, and brands creatively through all mediums and platforms. My expertise includes Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Communication, High level conceptual work, Internal communications, Web design, Interactive, SEO, Social Networking, Rich Media, Traditional Advertising—including brand campaigns, Print, Outdoor, TV, Radio, Retail, Trade shows and events.

I have been helping agencies and companies succeed for 30 years. I’ve worked here and abroad at Agencies like Leo Burnett, The Designory, DDB, Hiel BBDO, Lintas, Bagby, Monigle and McClain Finlon, helping their clients develop campaigns in traditional and non traditional media. Clients include, Sony, Samsung, Starbucks, Organic Valley, Got2B, Quicksilver, Platinum Jewelry, Mercedes-Benz, Fjall Raven, Bi Strumfe, Timberland, Qwest, Century Link, Hallmark and more.

  • I am a virtual company of trusted, expert resources who has vast experience as subcontractors.
  • I have created outstanding work for many agencies, and have been especially potent in adding firepower to New Business pitches.
  • When necessary, I also direct, lead and inspire your in-house teams in creating the work.
  • I work on a day rate or per project basis.
  • I draw on our cross-platform experience creating brands for some of the world’s most prestigious companies nationally and internationally.
  • Regardless of the medium, my specialty lies in understanding your brand and its goals in order to make it irresistible to the world.
  • My ability to leverage interactive products to achieve marketing goals gives us (and our clients) a huge advantage in true integrated solutions.

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